Small Kitchen and Bath Renovations in Greece, NY

Have a smaller kitchen and bath space? We accommodate smaller renovations, upgrades, and partial remodels. We make sure to allocate the budget towards the areas that deliver the highest return on investment.

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Kitchen and Bath Makeover

If you have a home that is a smaller kitchen and bathroom, don't be intimidated by the typical remodeling costs! While we explain the average kitchen remodel cost, a smaller kitchen renovation can cost $15000 and below. The same is true for a small bath remodel.

With smaller spaces, there is physically less square footage, and therefore less material to be purchased, less hardware, etc. There may also be more constraints on the planning and design, which means that the time spent in the planning phase is less.

Small Bathroom Remodel

For your reference, the industry average price for square foot for a bathroom is $120–$150. A small bathroom makeover on the low end can be $10000, while the high end can be up to $20000. We work with customers with different budget ranges, and we try our very best to get your dream bathroom at the budget that makes sense for you.

Our tips for a small bathroom makeover include keeping things simple, adding a touch of color, reimagining the storage spaces, and using glass or reflective surfaces. These help give the illusion of height and a bigger sense of space.

Small Kitchen Remodel

Compared to bathrooms, the kitchen remodel cost per square foot is higher, from $120–$250. Again, this depends on the size and material selections.

Our tips for a small kitchen makeover include taking advantage of the ceiling for hanging pots and pans, go minimal and concise with design. Often, mixing too many different colors, materials, or styles can clash because in a small space, you see everything at once. Another tip, similar to bath remodels, is to use glass doors when you can. This creates the illusion of bigger spaces.

We love kitchen and bath renovations and we'd love to give you more tips on designing your space, and turning your vision into a reality. When you're ready to upgrade your home with a new look, get started with a free consultation by contacting us below!

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